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Orlando Science Center – Bank of America on US

Getting ready for the next show at the Orlando Science Center. August 5th and 6th. I have a lot of new items, vases, visors, planter pots.  I’m trying something quite new as well – polos, sweatshirts, tennis shoes and t-shirts.  So wear a pour painting! Stake your claim early as these items are limited quantities.  


For more info visit


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Spring Fiesta in the Park

Hi guys!  We are recovering from our weekend at the Spring Fiesta in the Park, at Lake Eola.  It was a large art festival with booths wrapped halfway around the lake.  I don’t think I made it around to everyone but we met some wonderful people.   Did you happen to notice our white Easter tree?  It was decked out w/ painted Easter eggs and surrounded by painted ceramic bunnies.   Thanks to bff DeVonna for the idea and the tree!!

Our friends from the Uptown Altamonte show at Cranes Roost, Deb and Angie were there.  It’s so comforting to have people there you know when it’s a lot of ones you don’t – and this is all new to me.  We, of course, had to outfit Charley.  Charley made a brief appearance at the art show.  He was a foster dog we adopted so didn’t know his history but apparently he does NOT play well w/ other dogs! Good to know!! 

Tigger’s blanker was procured at the Altamonte festival. She LOVES it.  It’s super soft and really durable.  I’ve already had to clean it multiple times and it looks brand new.   

Our neighbors this weekend were also great.  Tony, Lucille and Deanne have a WONDERFUL, Florida based craft business with everything from gnomes to wood crafts, beads and more.  

We had another awesome  Florida family on the other side, who make BEAUTIFUL epoxy resin wood tables.  Check em out when you can. 

I had a terrific surprise visit from Ricky Steele  He made my whole weekend.  I look forward to working w/ him in the future.  

To all those who stopped by and looked around, thank you so much!  To those who I got to talk with, I was so touched by the comments on my work.   And to those who purchased my art, I hope it brings you joy for years to come.   

Next on the agenda is finding new ways to hang the paintings – grid panels or perhaps the room divider type panels.  We’ll see! Would love any ideas if anyone has one! 



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Spring Fiesta in the Park

Upcoming Event! “Spring Fiesta in the Park” is a local Art and Crafts show in Orlando at Lake Eola. I am thrilled to be going, and will be creating some new pieces just for this weekend. In addition to many of my paintings I will be adding drink coasters, ceramic bunnies, and don’t be surprised to see a few Easter Eggs!

Kat creating a new work for the Spring Fiesta in the Park
Kat ‘s working on something big for the “Spring Fiesta in the Park 2023”

Hope to see you this weekend!




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Uptown Altimonte Art Show

We had a great time this weekend at the Uptown Altamonte Art Festival.  We met so many wonderful people!  A lot of fantastic artists were there as well!  Carmen Bishop does BEAUTIFUL leather works.  It was too tempting for me to pass up.  I had to get a new leather bound book to keep track of our sales and this gorgeous bag.  It opens flat and pulls tight to keep all kinds of stuff.  You can find Carmen here:   

It was so inspiring to meet artists and creators from all over.  Thank you to all those who came out to see us!!  We had a fantastic time meeting you all.  And to those who purchased from us at the show, Wow! We are so touched you liked it!  You like us! You really like us!! (throwback to Sally Field at the Oscars)  

We look forward to seeing you at Lake Eola April 1st and 2nd at the Spring Fiesta!!